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ďOperation ZERO"

If you are looking for a sign not to harming yourself, this is it. If you are looking to help out in any way with Operation ZERO, please contact us.
States in the Pacific Coast Region (PCR) Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii
If you are outside the PCR Reagan please go to the link below:
National Op Zero Website

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If your are having Thoughts of suicide
PLEASE call: 800-273-8255

If you would like to help in Operation Zero, suicide prevention please call

Email: Cliffhanger rrtech357@hotmail.com

Or Call Cliffhanger at
phone number: 310-854-9028

We are Brothers Helping Brothers

First Place I Woke
I woke to the same dreary thoughts. Another day and I was Alone again. No one understands some of the things deep in my mind. I was browsing the newspaper and came across an obituary for a fallen soldier from my hometown. I did not know him, but was compelled to see him off.
When I got to the cemetery, I was surprised at the amount of friends this man had. I stood away from the ceremony and kept to myself. As the ceremony ended, the family was asked to pay their final respects. Seven maybe eight people walked past the casket. This man must have been someone special to have such a small family but so many friends to see him off. Next the friends were asked to pay their respects. Again only a handful of people walked to the casket.
I gazed from my quiet spot near the tree and it was then that I realized that all of the other people who had come had a certain look about them. They were old and young men and women, wore suits and jeans. Some were saluting, some were wiping their eyes and some had a blank stare. I knew that these people didnít know this man being buried today. They were all veterans like me, who just wanted to say goodbye.
Neither I nor the others spoke to anyone at the funeral. We nodded, winked or just looked at one another. I knew then that no matter how badly the demons in my mind made me feel every day the people around me every day were just like me.
I woke today to the same dreary thoughts. I remembered yesterday. Another day but now Iím not alone.